Video of British women being arrested in retaliation for legally asking for police officers badge numbers


Although you see nothing “brutal” from the police in this video, it is an example of the unnecessary and painful restraining tactics they use to harass and intimidate activists. Charges are always dropped but more often than not the activists will have to spend some time in jail and are sometimes not allowed to seek counsel.

The police are always “investigating” these cases of abuse, but no systematic change or true reconciliation with the abused or with activists in general is ever sought. It is systematic intimidation with no regard for the law or for human rights and dignity.Since there is never any real law broken by the protesters, and the cruel yet subtle restraining techniques used by the officers would seem reasonable to the untrained eye, it seems that this a deliberate attempt by the police department to inject fear into the activist community.

Sure it is legal to protest and you are probably not going to get shot, but are you willing to risk pain and high levels of stress to support your cause? These are deliberate tactics. For instance, using a nerve pressure point to inflict pain even though the woman is not showing any resistance is just part of the training these officers go through when they are assigned to “handle” protesters.

The camera has a very important role in documenting authoritative abuses. Film and video of police brutality in the segregated south outraged even many southerners and helped the Civil Rights Act, the Voting  Act, and school desegregation be put into law.

When people see brutality, not only does it dehumanize those who brutalize but it humanizes those on the receiving end and helps humanize the struggle itself.  Seeing a young person or an old woman of color sprayed by a fire hose or recoiling in horror from the gnashing teeth of a vicious German Shepard causes one to be moved to choose sides on the issue.

It is hard to be on the side of the police and the state when you witness these images, even if you are a bigot. Even unquestioning patriotism tends to fall by the wayside when the abuse is so heinous and undeniable.

This video was actually shot by the police, the officers faces are even pixilated.

It is hard not to become angry when watching a video like this. The police are cold and cruel, even though it is clearly a non-violent climate protest in the middle of nowhere.

Hopefully these tactics will backfire and many more people will express their outrage than will become intimidated by these police department tactics.

Here is the link.


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  1. HB
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 00:17:45

    Why do you suppose nothing is being done about these types of incidents. They are being done all over the world and worse. Look what is happening in Iran. Obama says the world is watching, but the question should be what is the world going to do about it. It is time for action.


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