McCain breaks out into “Bomb Iran” song again and adds new lyrics!

Is an album next?

Is an album next?


While criticizing the Obama administration on a recent appearance on NBC’s ‘Today’ show this week, the venerable senator and  sometime tune smith John McCain broke out into song again.

Seemingly taking a cue from the overwhelmingly positive response he received from his last rendition of his clever play on the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann” during his bid  for the presidency, the senator from Arizona concluded his statement with the words, “the president isn’t talking tough enough about the disputed presidential election in Iran.”

Then after a short pause he smiled, nodded  and muttered, “you know.” He then proceeded to awkwardly but somewhat in tune begin to sing  his much loved but seldom heard ‘Bomb Iran’ song.

“Bomb bomb bomb. Bomb bomb Iran. Bomb bomb bomb. Bomb bomb Iran.”

What took Matt Lauer by surprise though was the  edition of a whole new refrain that seemed to be an inspired assessment  of recent events.

“Obama bomb Iran. That should be the plan. Forget Afghanistan and just bomb Iran”

“Obama bomb Iran.  Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.”

“Oh Bomb Iraaaan. Just take  my haaaaand. I have a plaaaaan.”

McCain then seemed to lose focus, and as Matt Lauer was going to commercial could be heard whistling the tune softly to himself.

The senator has not been available for comment but his handlers assured the press that  he was  going to  retire the song once and for all and was just going to, “Take a well needed vacation before addressing the Iranian crisis again.”

We are of course…all ears.


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