Daryl Hannah takes her role as an activist very seriously.

Daryl Hannah is making quite a "splash" as an activist!

Daryl Hannah is making quite a "Splash" as an activist!

by jasondylan@wordpress.com

Ms Hannah is no stranger to the environment. Daryl is not afraid to get her hands dirty on screen, or completely submerse herself in a part. She is a committed and knowledgeable woman who puts her money where her blow hole is.

Not only did she just get arrested in Coal River, West Virginia for peacefully protesting the practice of Mountaintop Removal by the coal companies and trying to raise awareness of the conditions there, but she also has gone out on with the Sea Shepard Conservation Society on dangerous missions on the high seas, documenting and preventing illegal whaling practices.

Could she really be part mermaid? Will fact follow fiction and the government kidnap her like they did to her “Splash” character? Stay tuned to a TV or fish tank near you!

One if by land. Two if by sea.

Our Favorite Mermaid!

And where is Tom Hanks in all of this? I guess he is too busy deciphering the Da Vinci Code to deal with such trivial matters.

Here is the link from her article on Huffington Post.


"Digging in the Dirt" From "Clan of the Cave Bear'

She is not at a loss for words when it comes to educating people on the dangers of Mountaintop Removal.


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  1. Tom Degan
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 13:25:51

    Hey there, pal!

    I left a link to your site on the latest RANT posting.


    Tom Degan


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