The Lies of Freeedomworks’ Matt Kibbe, and His Dick Armey

The big 9-12 Tea Party movement rolled into Washington D.C. on Saturday and many people came from all over the country. Just not as many people as Matt Kibbe wished or said were there.

As the C-Span Cameras rolled there was a long shot of Kibbe on the Washington Mall facing the large crowd and the Washington monument. As he stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial he loudly and emphatically told a bold face lie of epic proportions. He gleefully announced to the crowd that there were “1.5 million people at this rally, according to ABC.” There was never any such report.

Actually the truth is there were probably no more than 20-50,000 people there according to every report I have come across. Was this an accident? No. Matt Kibbe and his Freedomworks organization are the people behind the Town Hall protests. Freedomworks is the organizational tool used to implement the tactics of the right-wing. It is kind of a ‘shelter’ group to cover the racist and conservative Christian rhetoric and ideology of most of their constituents.

Dick Armey, the notorious Texas congressman who helped take down the Clintons and their health care plan is the key figure behind Freedomworks.  We know all too well the sad mug of Dick Armey, so Matt Kibbe is the New Dick here to destroy the New New Deal. They want nothing more than for Obama and Health Care Reform to fail. Framing this new Obama administration as “socialist” or “communist” through their mouth pieces in the halls of Congress and having Pox News repeat this drivel is not a problem for these guys.

You will find plenty of Americans who are ready, willing and able to take to the streets who seem to be angry at the Obama administration for communist or socialist tendencies. Although I do believe that many people have real grievances and concerns about their government, most of the people are there because they are “uncomfortable” with a black president.

It is a relief that it is only 30,000 instead of 1.5 million.


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