Naomi Klein Announces Call to Action for Tim “Bidder 70” DeChristopher

The trial of Tim DeChristopher is happening next month in Utah. As Naomi Klein states in her “Call to Action” article that I came across on the great site, this could be a turning point for the Climate Justice Movement. Seriously, this is a very unique case and will go a long way to showing how the Climate Justice Movement will be framed in national and local media.

I am sure that there will be lots of people headed to Utah and it should be an overall positive vibe there, so I think the main issue will be how the press handles the situation. Solidarity Actions are planned around the States and I think these will be more revealing as to the numbers and pizazz of the movement.

This does have all the rings to it of an important litmus test of the mettle of the Climate Justice Movement. Will there be real celebrities, and not just celebritologists in attendance? I would guess that Robert Redford and his Sundance Posse will be there since they are based in Utah, so at least it should be well documented. How about George Clooney, or even better Brad Pitt to play Butch Cassidy to RR’s The Sundance Kid. How about they ride in on horseback to the courthouse with the CNN camera’s rolling? Then a close up of Clint Eastwood squinting and walking up the courthouse steps as Ennio Morricone’s music plays? I will stop there.

My guess is that the MSM are going to play this as a legal case and not let it be turned into an argument of moral imperatives, dictates of conscious. I hope that the “climate campers” and the Indymedia pressure the MSM to have moral arguments about this case so it does not get too bogged down in legal and judicial proceedings. Things are complicated but if we ignore the plight of this kid and allow it to set precedent for the future treatment of climate activists we are allowing our present-day John Brown’s and Rosa Parks’ to be thrown under the bus.

Although the G20 protests received little positive mass media attention, global summits are hard to relate to but Tim DeChristopher and this trial should get a bunch of coverage. The MSM has no excuse to not cover this thing. It is about “global warming” and a “human interest” story with a likeable main subject. A lack of coverage will only prove they are really afraid of the Climate Movement. Let’s all pray for nice weather at least.

Godspeed Youth Climate Movement!

Here is the article.


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  1. ctrl-z
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 20:30:37

    A little off topic but….ya gotta love Ennio Morricone. His best soundtrack: The INCREDIBLY GREAT MOVIE “Once upon a time in the West”. Yes, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is also a great film with a great soundtrack (same director – Sergio Leone & Ennio)it’s just not as good as Leone’s & Ennio’s other masterpiece.


  2. jasondylan
    Feb 12, 2010 @ 15:47:44


    Yeah, I actually own “Once Upon a Time” and it is a classic. Sergio’s style and Ennio’s music are a classic duo. Sir John Frayling’s commentary on his movies are alot of fun.


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