Nader Honors and Defends Helen Thomas on “The Real News”


“The Rabbi took down the original video in it’s edited form, but there happens to be a full video of the interview on utube where you can see the context of Helen’s statements in full view. It is completely clear that Ms Thomas was speaking specifically about the two state solution, a Gaza strip and occupied terror-tories where Israel has been demolishing Palestinian villages and creating new Israeli settlements in it’s place. This is against the UN agreed upon borders of 1967 and a violation of international treaty.

Would someone explain to me why is it not a rational point of view to consider the possibility that instead of Israel sending it’s population farther and farther into Palestine it consider other alternatives. What is wrong with living in Poland or the US instead of Israel as a Jewish citizen? I am not saying it is the best solution, if you want to stay in Israel by all means, but why is throwing this out there when you are approached by some young people in the park such a heinous thing?

Maybe she thought of another generation of kids growing up with an Israeli/Palestine situation at the heart of many of our worst issues as a planet, and wanted to think outside the box.

Not the “all the Jews need to get out of the Middle East” as many people would like you to believe. Helen was taken down by old enemies in the Bush White House who were insulted that a reporter would ask challenging questions about the Iraq War. Don’t believe me, well she was the only one to question Bush in the White House “out to im”Press Corps.

I am very happy that I was one of the few to defend Helen Thomas and I believe the Rabbi’s video exonerates her somewhat when you take into context her Lebanese background and the fact that she was maybe caught off guard a little. And I guess as an Arab American she is not to be upset by things like this.

From Wiki:

‘On 27 December 2008,[74] Israeli F-16 strike fighters launched a series of air strikes against targets in Gaza. Struck were police stations, schools, hospitals, UN warehouses, mosques, various Hamas government buildings, a science building in the Islamic University, and a U.N.-operated elementary school in a Palestinian refugee camp.[75] Israel said that the attack was a response to Hamas rocket attacks on southern Israel, which totaled over 3,000 in 2008, and which intensified during the few weeks preceding the operation. Palestinian medical staff claimed at least 434 Palestinians were killed, and at least 2,800 wounded, made up mostly civilians and some Hamas members, in the first five days of Israeli strikes on Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces rejected claims the majority of those killed were civilians, providing evidence that Hamas deliberately hides weapons and fighters in “mosques, school yards and civilian houses” to deter an attack and exploit Israel’s rules of engagement.[76] Israel began a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip on 3 January 2009.[77] Israel rebuffed many cease-fire calls and both sides declared unilateral cease-fires.'[78][79]

In total, between 1,100-1,400[80] Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed in the 22-day war.[81].

After 22 days of fighting, Israel decided to stop fighting, while insisting on holding its positions, while Hamas has vowed to fight on if Israeli forces do not leave the Strip.[82]

The conflict damaged or destroyed tens of thousands of homes,[83] 15 of Gaza’s 27 hospitals and 43 of its 110 primary health care facilities,[84] 800 water wells,[85] 186 greenhouses,[86] and nearly all of its 10,000 family farms[87]; leaving 50,000 homeless,[88] 400,000-500,000 without running water,[89][90] one million without electricity,[91] and resulting in acute food shortages.[92]”

Or the Israeli block-aid of Gaza?

And of course she is still 90 years old, Okaaaaaaaay!

And the fact that she defended her parents neglecting to teach her Arab by pointing out that it was frowned upon by American uncivil society makes her even more endearing.”

Original article begins here.

It is pretty simple actually,

This is the infamous Helen Thomas video. The rabbi with a camera is leading Helen. Her comments, although simplistic sum up a rational point of view, albeit historical. Israel deserves of course to be a state, but I think Helen was saying, if you allow me to paraphrase, “It is Palestinian land, and if the Jews hate it so much there, if after all this time we cannot come to a ‘fair settlement’ (PI), then maybe it would be easier to avoid WW III and have the Jews go back to Europe.”

And I know in the video it sounds like she is talking about all of Israel but I believe she could be just referring to Gaza and the West Bank. There might be some confusion there.

I know, it is hard to defend her statement but she apologized immediately and retracted it. I just think that because she is 90 years old and has always been on the defensive with that cowardly White House Press Corps, coupled with the fact that she was led by the interviewer, that he was even paraphrasing her statements back to her…I mean she needs to be cut some slack.

A Washington Post poll came out showing 88% want her reinstated.

In my book, you do not take down old ladies like this after they have given so much.

Here is the Nader interview with his salient quotes underneath.

“She is a courageous journalist. She came here in 1942, blazed the way for women like no one did.”

“She demanded that all of these doors that had been closed to females be opened up.”

“She also set the standard for journalism, asking the tough questions on the minds of most Americans that the weak-kneed White House Press Corps would never ask. Like to Bush, “Why did you invade Iraq? A million people have died.”

Now this will be what she is remembered for? Not cool man! She is freakin’ 90 years old, okay!!! Tryin to take down grandma needs to be at least looked at closer.

My guess is that she was horrified at the flotilla raid and vented, saw the WWIII scenario unveiling and just let it roll. She was just thinking outside the box, as they say. I have no way to spin it to sound good but is it really that terrible? I will isolate and encapsulate what she was saying, “things are so bad in the Middle East and the Israeli/Palestine situation is the nexus of an existing and escalating situation which is leading to WWIII…let’s have a do over or something for Pete’s sake!”. That was the best I could do.

My family suffered greatly from WWII, their country was invaded and 2 million non-Jewish Polish citizens were killed in the war but I would not use this fact to drown out the debate. For some reason Israel is the only country that gets to use ‘their’ holocaust as “sacrosanct”, a word Obama used in reference to Israel in a major speech.

From Wiki:

Parallel to the Holocaust, the Nazis executed the General plan Ost (General Plan East) for the conquest, ethnic cleansing, and exploitation of the populaces of the captured Soviet and Polish territories; some 20 million Soviet civilians, 3 million Poles, and 7 million Red Army soldiers were killed. The Nazis’ aggressive war for Lebensraum (Living space) in eastern Europe was waged “to defend Western Civilization against the Bolshevism of subhumans”. Estimates indicate that, had the Nazis won the war, they would have deported some 51 million Slavs from Central and Eastern Europe. Because of the atrocities suffered under Stalin, many Ukrainians, Balts, and other oppressed nationalities, fought for the Nazis. The populaces of Nazi-occupied Soviet Russia who racially qualified as of the Aryan race, or had no immediate Jewish ancestors, were not persecuted, and often were recruited to the Waffen Schutzstaffel (Waffen-SS) divisions; eventually, the Nazi regime meant to Germanize the racially acceptable volk of occupied eastern Europe.”

And being of Polish descent, I am especially offended by the fact that the interviewer had to explain that Poland was a country that fought Germany. Wow! I thought that was really well known, but I guess with the way Polish people were portrayed in movies like “Schindler’s List”, you might not guess that Poland had the most Jews of any country and that would not be the case if it were not one of the friendliest, ok let’s say less hostile places for the Jewish diaspora.

It does not matter what group you are, no country or people should be regarded as “sacrosanct”, while the other is unfairly regarded as a terrorist. At the end of the day, people just want a decent life and to be left alone. Very few people hate. but organizations far and wide use ‘people’ as figurative and literal cover for their crimes.

Confucius say, “Make no organization sacred so as evil can hide behind it’s veil.”

And I most definitely applaud the interviewer for bringing up the Native American analogy. Bravo

Here is Nader explaining the hypocrisy of it all.

“You got Savage, Hannity, Limbaugh and the things they say about Muslims, Muslim Americans.”

“And what about Ann Coulter, and she said horrible things about slaughtering Muslims. But she didn’t lose one gig, one column.”

But for Helen, “One mistake and they have terminated her column, terminated her career?”

“Eleven year olds would ask tougher questions than the Washington Press Corps.

Even recently she asked Obama, “What country in the Middle East has nuclear weapons.”

A question so powerful and revealing that Obama refused to answer it. Only because it would show the hypocrisy of the Israeli and American stances on the Middle East.

I smell major hypocrisy here! Helen Thomas is a hero, her comments were stupid but I would hate to be judged every time a rabbi with a camera asked me a question about Israel. In fact, when I am 90, if this problem is still happening and a rabbi or a Hindu, or a Kutcher with a camera gets in my face about Israel or anything else I am going to say, “Anyone who isn’t a Scientologist should be shot into space.”

I might be so fed up when I am 90 that I hate everyone, everything. I already hate cell phones and I am still youthfullish.

Oh my goodness! We are all going to judged by what we say to people who bother us with cameras in the park when we are 90 years old! It is going to be awful!

I am gonna be like, “I am freakin 90 years old Holmes!”

From the movie, “TV Set”. One of the best comedies about Hollywood, and the media in general. If you like Duchovny you will love it, his dry wit and soulful sarcasm and verve versus the chasm of barren soullessness that is Holllyhood. Hilarious.

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nobody
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 18:25:44

    Helen Thomas is not an empty-headed vulnerable little old lady. She’s a professional journalism with decades of experience, and knew well what she was saying and promoting. She just defined herself as the Ann Coulter of the left.

    It’s sad to me that she is coopting real issues with her stupid display of narcissism and hatred. A lot of people in the left have a serious case of denial. She was never anything that great in journalism; I remember how she used to kiss ass to Ronald Reagan. She was never an inspiration to me as a girl growing up watching television — she was so quiet like the inner sanctum press club on matters of justice that it was a big surprise to hear her make her one or two statements about Iraq. She was, like most of them in that room, nothing spectacular and quite ordinary.

    Hannah Arendt spoke of the banality of evil. Helen Thomas’ statement is a great example of what she was talking about, in addition to WH Auden: “Evil is unspectacular and always human and shares our bed and eats our table.”

    Such was the case with her unspectacularly bigoted and hateful statement.

    Why doesn’t Ms. Thomas go back to Lebanon ? She’s standing on occupied land too ! What idiocy. If she had a point to make, with all her years of expertise in communications and rhetoric, why doesn’t she make it ! Instead, we hear one person after the next saying, ridiculously, “uh i think what ht MEANT to say ” =– oh really ? Then why isn’t she saying it !!?

    Not to mention that she said this to 2 Jewish teenagers – with that added quip in the full video, Ms. Thomas telling them that they “wouldn’t regret” going into journalism .. one can only imagine she means because the Jews control the media.

    Too bad about Ralph Nader. I was thinking about voting for him if he ran. If the left can’t get their shit together on what’s a legitimate statement or not, and is going to make every fucking issue in the United States about gaza, they deserve where they’re heading.

    As in articles linked above, Helen Thomas is no idiot, that’s for sure.

    She belongs in the garbage heap. Hopefully the slot will go to a good journalist and not FOX news. But this woman deserves every bit of condemnation she gets. An Amy Goodman would never have made that irresponsible and hatefully designing remark. She would have stated a rational position. The Helen Thomas’s of the world are there to destroy the left.


    • jasondylan
      Jun 26, 2010 @ 03:45:27

      Thanks for stopping by nobody but the links you gave didn’t seem to be about Helen Thomas.

      Well first off, comparing Helen Thomas to Ann Coulter is unfair. Helen Thomas no more represents the left than Brit Hume the right.

      Wow! What can I say? You think Helen Thomas is evil? Really? That is very bizarre to me. Quite extreme. Helen Thomas is there to destroy the left? Radical stuff man.

      Sure, lets see the entire clip, if as you say it shows her in bad light then no worries. Can she be more of a pariah?

      The Nation has a great article about it. Sounds like your minds made up though.

      I go into more detail here so it gives people a chance to discuss instead of hate, but there are those who treat peace as a foreign concept.

      I mean if we have chances for real dialogue and maybe even an ounce of empathy for all of our ‘enemies’ out there, then maybe we could all join hands and sing Cumba freakin ya one day. Right?


      • Nobody
        Jun 28, 2010 @ 18:11:31

        You’re quite welcome, jasondylan, insofar as my stepping by is concerned. Three points:

        (1) The links are very much about Helen Thomas and her remarks because, as an experienced journalist, she well knows what her remarks incite and where they’re coming from.

        (2) You are — misconstruing my reference to “evil” — or rather, WH Auden and Hannah Arendt’s reference to evil. Quite the opposite, which makes your argument what we call “a strawman,” whether unintentional or deliberate. If unintentional, you might want to spend some time reading up and considering what they were really talking about.

        (3) Helen Thomas, whether or not she is or is not “the left” — has been coopted by the left as their darling, and with this ordinary, unremarkable, unspectacular, hateful, anti-Semitic remark. That Ralph Nader gallantly steps up to fight her case is revolting. It says more about him, than her.

        The problem with Ann Coulter is that she engages in a type of dialogue that serves no constructive purpose. Neither does Helen Thomas, apparently, not to mention the fact that she is no heroine of journalism, and never has been. No one is talking about issues of import with her departure, they’re just sorting through an abundance of hate mail, showing the empowerment of exactly the wrong kind of voices. I think helen thomas got exactly what she was looking for.

        People should spend more time dealing with the reality of who should take that spot, than wasting their breath demanding she be reinstated, when she deserves what she got.

        Good luck with your website. Some of your humorous posts are very original. Too bad you, too, have parked *it* at the door, when it comes to *the Jews.*

  2. jasondylan
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 04:21:04

    OK Fine. While I don’t understand your tone and ignorance of my salient points about the hypocrisy via Coulter and the need to never let any group be considered sacrosanct while another is portrayed as terrorists. There is another story there that does not get told, a more human and moderate story which needs to be heard, instead of this drawing a line in the sand and looking for evil all around us.

    1) I checked them out but didn’t find any reference to Helen. No big deal.

    2) I get it. Helen is banal evil. Whatever.

    3) What is all this revolting nonsense. Earlier you said she belongs on the garbage heap. You sound like a very angry person

    No one ever talks about the real issues in the MSM. I don’t think that Helen herself is a big deal, as I said I used this post to talk about a bigger issue and to maybe add some humor into it.

    Parked it? I am parked at a location where the view is hypocrisy and I am pointing at it.

    There are two parts of the Jewish/Zionist movement that are troubling, the second coming and how US foreign policy and our political landscape is fractured by it, and the desire of the media and part of the Jewish community who want to parlay ‘The Holocaust’ into “Holy at any cost”, which is only an excuse for Imperialism. To be able to discuss these issues without being branded anti-semetic in the media is hard to do

    Helen Thomas might not even be that great, but again, Ann Coulter is still there and there is much anti-muslim speech in the media, especially Fox.

    That she paved the way is a fact, that she asked the questions is a fact, that she is 90 years old is a fact, you have your opinions but you ignore my main points, hypocrisy and honoring a one of a kind lady by not rubbing her face in it. You can go ahead though, it is your right to condemn.

    But the main point is, “why are you so angry about it”. Indeed, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”.

    Everyone knows that Ari Fleischer took her down because she made him look bad. Nader is defending her because it is the right thing to do. She did pave the way, there is no denying that.

    I love Jewish people and culture. This has everything to do with the choices that the Israeli and American governments make to insure their oilygarchy. We all know it. Let’s not pretend.

    We are all angry and ranting at each other because we are all helpless for the most part.



  3. Nobody
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 18:46:04

    Namaste? LMAO. What a fucking hypocrite you are, slipping your line in about that after your insult about ranting and raving in anger. And after your headline, “Oh Glory, Helen Thomas Tells the Jews to Go Back to Germany.”

    And you being from Poland where they had so many Jews because you all were so nice.

    Then you killed more Jews than any other country. But your family fought the Nazis so you have a right to be an anti-Semite today.

    FY with your dime store analysis. You are so FOS. Why don’t YOU go back to Poland, white bread, and give the property your house is sitting on to an Indian.


    • Nobody
      Jul 02, 2010 @ 19:07:21

      P.S. Oh, you don’t see how 25,000 pieces of hate mail to the rabbi who interviewed Helen Thomas has anything to do with Helen thomas? Not to mention a Jewish dance group being attacked?

      What an asshole you are.


  4. Nobody
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 19:10:48

    P.P.S. To any readers who bother with this website, I did not put any of those pictures or photographs by my handle. They were placed by, apparently, Stormfront’s left wing.


  5. jasondylan
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 20:08:47


    What is with all this name calling. The photograph by your handle is probably a mistake. The title on the Utube video is from the Rabbi.

    I am sorry that you are so hurt and angry but that is no reason to resort to name calling. I am not here to be your therapist and I resent your use of profanity but people need to see the vitriol that is spewed on the web by otherwise so called intelligent people.

    You obviously do not want a dialogue but I don’t know why you want to pick on little old me.
    Whitebread? Couldn’t be farther from the truth homey.

    I will quote here from Wiki just to give you some insight into reality and truth, which is a foreign concept to you I guess. Keep on setting a good example for your cause by the way, I am sure everyone appreciates it.

    Poland was an occupied country that fought the Nazi’s tooth and nail. 6 million non-Jewish Polish citizens were killed in the war. Here is a bit of the historical facts, you know, in case you are interested in such things. In case you really care about the people that you are yelling about.

    “Poland had become the home to Europe’s largest Jewish population, as royal edicts guaranteeing Jewish safety and religious freedom, issued during the 13th century (Bolesław the Pious, Statute of Kalisz of 1264), contrasted with bouts of persecution in Western Europe.[55] This persecution intensified following the Black Death of 1348–1349, when some in the West blamed the outbreak of the plague on the Jews. Much of Poland was spared from this disease, and Jewish immigration brought their valuable contributions and abilities to the rising state. The number of Jews in Poland kept increasing throughout the Middle Ages; the population had reached about 30,000 toward the end of the 15th century,[56] and, as refugees escaping further persecution elsewhere streamed in, 150,000 in the 16th century.[57] A royal privilege issued in 1532 granted the Jews freedom to trade anywhere within the kingdom.[57] By the mid-16th century 80% of the world’s Jews lived in Poland.[58] At that time the Jews were increasingly finding employment as managers and intermediaries, facilitating the functioning of and collecting revenue in the huge magnate-owned land estates, especially in the eastern borderlands, developing into an indispensable mercantile and administrative class.[59]”


  6. Nobody
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 02:50:40

    If the shoe fits, wear it.

    And I see you’ve changed the heading for your Helen Thomas televised wisdom.


  7. jasondylan
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 04:13:44


    Just because you are not paranoid does not mean that I am not out to get you. Ya dig.

    I come to the defense of grandmas everywhere. If it was a Jewish grandma I would be just as upset, maybe more. Oy Vey!

    Listen, I don’t love Helen Thomas and maybe you have a point about her and Reagan but I doubt it.

    Be honest, are you in love with me? Get in line baby, way in the back.

    As for me, I am just sittin here with my cat in my lap drinking a nice cocktail by the water and renacting a scene from “The Pawnbroker” because I am watching dolphins belly up on the ocean in the Gulf. It is really too much for me to bear. I hear and feel their screams.

    So far as people like you go, I could really care less. Sorry to break yer heart but I have no patience for your petty “thoughtcrimes.”

    Curious about what a ‘thoughtcrime’ is then you can peruse some of my other posts where I detail the threat of fascism, of unending hate and war generated and espoused by those with such fever and cold blooded assurance of their righteousness.

    How many others do you prey upon with your ignorance and malfeasance?

    I will not succumb to this rancor and insipidness that you so gladly wallow in and drown like those dolphins in the Gulf, in the polluted airwaves of your BP spill you call a point of view.

    BP you ask?

    As in “B*tch Please”. Can you dig it. Yup. Straight street.

    I hope that the net does not really have a kill switch and that the kids pick up on how they are being played to hate by those who’s play is hate.

    OK. This will be it though. I will not allow you to further pollute my Gulf with your oiliness.

    But being the gentleman that I am I will allow you the final word. As long as you keep the profanity to a minimum, which I understand is very difficult for you to do.

    But as Harold Melvin says, “There’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate” and I walk the line, I walk it hard.



  8. Nobody
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 06:24:09

    Wow, what makes you so sure you’re exchanging correspondence with a female?

    So now we discover that you are (not only) anti-Semitic but ALSO sexist AND arrogant and conceited AND living in a complete fantasy world. When you do talk with women, you’re so passe, you’re one these sexist creeps who thinks the woman wants to go to bed with you.

    Very very sad fella.

    I’ll also remind you that you’re the one who started a ridiculous post on the world-wide web about Helen Thomas. And offers comment space (presumably in the spirit of free speech).

    So I think your space on this subject is vomit. Tough if you don’t like that I have an opinion and I exercised my right to express it.

    Go ahead and censor your dissent if you like. Fascism seems to appeal to you. And I’m sure you’ll make sure you get the last word.


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