Duderonomy 101

In the beginning there was the Dude. And the Dude was good.  The Dude thought he had dominion over his special lady friend, but she had other plans. Of course there was lots of ins and outs and what have you, but at least the Dude learned something about life in all his travails. Truisms and whatnot.

Nothing says class like Roman numerals.

I. There is no try, only do.

II. Stick it to the man.

III. Watch like nobody’s dancing. Sing like no ones listening.

IV. Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.

V. If the odds are 50-50, prepare to lose 90% of the time…if the toast falls butter side up, it is a miracle!

VI. Walk Hard and carry a stiff drink.

VII. Meditation not medication.

VIII. Hugs before and after drugs.

9. Respect yer elders, listen to children. Also, how do you do a Roman numeral nine?

X. Just because YOU are not paranoid does not mean THEY are not out to get you.


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