Sting Theory

"Twilight" was my idea as well," says Sting.

Theoretical Physicist all over the globe have taken an interest in a new theory of everything. It seems “String Theory” is evolving into “Sting Theory” and the scientific community is a “buzz.

Theoretical Physicists are warming up to a new theory of relativity which is connected to the famous Renaissance Man himself. It seems there is some talk within the the scientific community about the idea of  testing some of their hypotheses with actual humans in mind…and they are starting with Gordon Sumner or ‘Sting’, as he is more widely known.

And Sting’s DNA, just might hold the ‘keys’ to unlocking the mysteries of the universe! From the  beginning of recorded time music has been the language of the spheres. As a virtuoso musician who meditates, Sting has been able to give detailed accounts of unbelievably complicated quantum mechanic theories and shed new light on many ideas that have confounded modern physicists and the physicists of old.

As Gary Zukov described in the “Dancing Wu Li Masters“, there is a deep connection between eastern mysticism and quantum physics. It is a musical dance of course and who better to blend the two than Sir Sting?’

And Sting is taking it seriously of course. The enigmatic, self-described “Renaissance Man of the Century” sat with me and divulged the ‘essence of Sting Theory.’

Here are excerpts from the interview. Video by request.

Sir Sting in all his regalia:

“Yes, I have conquered all realms of music, from avant-garde rock, to avante-garde jazz, to avante-garde classical, to avante-garde new age, to avante garde-elevator music. Yes, I have somewhat conquered film in roles that were at least noteworthy, but in undeniably artful and important films. I have of course mastered the art of tantra and yoga. Why not try and conquer the sciences?

“Ever since the Greeks, the sciences and music have been wed in an eternal dance. Da Vinci might have had an inkling as to what I propose. While the Da Vinci Code is all well and good, it is just the beginning and ‘Sting Theory’ is just the next evolution of man and his relationship with the Celestial Heavens, the music of the spheres if you will.”

The Flying Warrior Pose?

Embracing the Universe?

Sting elaborated further.

“I think I am able to connect when I do my meditation and yoga. I have been practicing tantric yoga for twenty years now. I don’t even have sex anymore really, I just vibrate like a bronzed, blonde tuning fork. I am a very sensitive instrument,  I can orgasm just by a butterfly flapping it’s wings in China or Tibet. Of course it depends on the genus of the butterfly. The Tibetan Monarch Butterfly or the…oh I digress. But their isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t whisper ‘thank you’ to a butterfly somewhere.”

“And I am of course, if you haven’t noticed, a very talented musician, actor, teacher and all around provocateur of mischief,  who just happens to be as a god to the Amazonian Rainforest People; The Yanamamo and such”

He lugubriously pined:

“Don’t think of me as a savior per se…of course you can argue that I saved music, but I am much more of a  guide or wizard if you will, than a god or deity. But you will never here me bragging about it or making movies and books like it was the Da Vinci Code or some trivial Dan Brown bullshit that the media just loves to throw around.”

Sting at the Vatican? Has the Pope weighed in yet?

He then sadly refrained, “Everyone thinks I am so pompous, I cry about it sometimes…as valuable as my tears are.”

Is the western world ready to make the jump from The Da Vince Code to Sting Theory? One can only hope. What does Dan Brown or Tom Hanks have to say about such things? One can only wonder.

Sting continued.

“Just look at the titles of my albums. All the clues are there. “Ghost in the Machine” and what have you.  I mean,  I called the Police’s last album “Synchronicity”. What more proof do you need.?”

“Really,  what more do I have to do?” he said sarcastically. ” Zenyatta Mandatta baby! Cheers!. The other fellas are so jealous of me!” seemingly referring to the Police’s two other band members, “I am so beyond them now, those days are long ago.”

Sting continued.

“The most critical part of my theory though is achieved through the essence of meditation and yoga. This experience is at the heart of my theory.  I always perform in full or half-lotus position when I play my priceless antique instruments, in order to commune with the higher universal states.”

“Steve Jobs is trying to build some device for my feet so that I can write spontaneous poetry for people while  I am playing my Ukranian Ukelele or what have you. That will add a new dynamic. I am also talking about going into space so that they can study Sting in low gravity! Ha! And people accuse me of being heavy, well not  anymore!”, he madly chortled.

He opined some more.

“When I was saving the Amazon Rainforest from destruction while I was touring with my avante-garde jazz band back back in another time (the 1980’s), I feel like I experienced a oneness with myself. My album “The Dream of the Blue Turtles” references that. I was a giant blue turtle battling Godzilla above a volcano. I think Quetzalcoatl was there too. It was wild.”

I was a bit lost at this point but somehow it was starting to make sense.

He went on.

“Yes, we are all  ‘spirits in the material world’ as I was telling everyone eons ago. Finally everyone is catching up to Sting! La te da! Bravo! Hakuna Matada mofos! ”

“It’s all proven in my songs. For instance in the song, “Love is the Seventh Wave”, I allude to Schrodinger’s Wave equation’, but I will divulge no more. I am sleeping anyway so you will have to excuse me.”

With that he whispered something in an indecipherable language and evaporated into thin air.

Danny Glover and “The Love That Will Not Die”

Danny Glover is one of our great ‘Statesmen.’ One of the men who state the truth about the state of our state in a state of grace.

Mr Glover is ‘a brother from another mother’, to use the parlance of our times. Mr ‘G’ Lover Danny Glover is an old soul and old school all the way. His performance in ‘Lethal Weapon’ is comedic genius, and his range of characters and depth of portrayals speak for themselves. Lethal Weapon, Predator, The Color Purple and The Royal Tannenbaums are all great films for their respective genres, but his work outside Hollywood is what’s really impressive.

Link to wonderful interview here with much more info on his work:

Our fictional “2012″ President, is actually one of our great unheralded leaders in ‘unvirtual’ reality. He co-founded  Los Angeles’ The Robey Theater in 1994 in memory of Paul Robeson, carrying on the fine American tradition of stage as social engagement and upliftment.

The vivacious 63 year old has been heavily involved in many humanitarian and social causes over the years. Like many of our great artists, Danny was able to transcend a ‘dis-order’. He suffered from epilepsy as a teenager and young man, but was able to overcome it through the sheer force of will and grace.

While you will hear the ridiculousness of Mr Glover’s more popular and quite insane partner in crime-stopping Mel Gibson paraded all over our ‘media’, Danny is doing very important and unheralded work. Another blatantly ironic example of how the corporate media pollutes the waters of public discourse and debate, and to top it all off it seems purposeful. Why do we hear that crazy jerkwater Aussie Mel Gibson’s rants ad nauseum over and over again while the valuable work and spirit of the great American Danny Glover goes relatively unrecognized by the MSM?

There would be so many obvious segues to use…one of which is the recent racist rants of Melly Mel which include the N-bomb. What better way to soft fade into a story about Mr Glover and what is going on in neighborhoods like Detroit and with people of color all over the world. I guess the Mainstream Media missed that one, as they do over and over again. Oh well.

For an idea of the type of character assassinations the media like to do go here for some BS.

He is gettin’ way to old for this shit! Let’s let him retire and give him the accolades he deserves while he is still here. I am afraid that until we start honoring the people who are helping us instead of those who are hurting us, we will not be able to transcend our collective dis-order. Let’s not let our great American Statesmen end up marginalized like Paul Robeson was and is.  It pains me to see this happening to Danny Glover in 2010.

Here he sits with Shihab Rattansi for “Fault Lines” from Al Jazeera English TV. Trance-scripts follow Pema’s words.

He sits like Sitting Bull and speaks like Black Elk. He is one of those wonderful peaceful warriors who seems honored to speak for the disenfranchised and dispossessed. I feel enlightened and elevated by watching people like this, I feel moved and inspired to be a better person. I am making a citizens arrest on ‘Detective Murtaugh’ and charging him with being a wonderful and courageous individual who deserves to be honored and acknowledged. We could at least send him some virtual hugs and support the causes that he works so hard for.

Danny is someone who can speak from the heart on a tragic and sad scene but is somehow able to hold the emotion of the people and their stories in witness and testimony. As a master storyteller and cultural ambassador, Mr Glover is doing the important work of what the Buddhists refer to as tonglen.

In Pema Chodron‘s wonderful book, “When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times“, she de-scribes the Buddhist practice of tonglen, “sending and receiving.” It is a breathe and mindfulness technique that allows you to transcend pain and suffering through connecting with our deeper shared truths.

In Chapter Fourteen entitled “The Love That Will Not Die” she speaks beautifully of the art and heart of tonglen, and it’s connection to Bodhichitta-“an awakened heart.”

The beatific sage Pema Chodron is a foremost student of Choygam Trungpa and the Shambala School of Buddhism, which may qualify them as the “Coolest Buddhists.” Shambala is Jazz Buddhism. The soundtrack would be Coltrane’s and Kerouacs ecstatic Waxxstax.

“I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes
On the road to Shambala
I can tell my brother by the flowers in his eyes
On the road to Shambala”

Three Dog Night

From Wiki Tiki Tavi:

“Shambhala Buddhism partly derives from the teachings of Shambhala, as originally proclaimed by Chögyam Trungpa, which state that “there is a natural source of radiance and brilliance in the world, which is the innate wakefulness of human beings. This is the basis, in myth and inspiration, of the Kingdom of Shambhala, an enlightened society of fearlessness, dignity and compassion.” Furthermore, Shambhala vision applies to people of any faith, not just people who believe in Buddhism… the Shambhala vision does not distinguish a Buddhist from a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, a Moslem, a Hindu. That’s why we call it the Shambhala kingdom. A kingdom should have lots of spiritual disciplines in it.”[2]

These are the Pema Chodron quotes from Ch 14:

I ended up typing the entire chapter except for a few paragraphs, but it is only six pages.

My notes are in bold as they are bold notes.

And away we go!

pg 86. “This kinship with the suffering of others, this inability to continue to regard it form afar, is the discover of our soft spot, the discovery of “Bodhichitta.” Bodhichitta, is a Sanskrit word that means “noble or awakened heart.” It is said to be present in all beings. Just as butter is inherent in milk and oil is inherent in a sesame seed, this soft spot is inherent in you and me.”

pg 87. “We awaken this bodhichitta, this tenderness for life when we can no longer shield ourselves from the vulnerability of our condition, from the basic fragility of existence. . In the words of the sixteenth Gyalwa Karmapa, “You take it all in. You let the pain of the world touch your heart and you turn it into compassion.”

“It is said that in difficult times, it is only bodhichitta that heals. When inspiration has become hidden, when we feel ready to give up, this is the time when healing can be found in the tenderness of pain itself. This is the time to touch the genuine heart of bodhichitta. In the midst of loneliness, in the midst of fear, in the middle of feeling misunderstood and rejected is the heartbeat of all things, the genuine heart of sadness.”

“Just as a jewel that has been buried in the earth for a million years is not discolored or harmed, in the way this noble heart is not affected by all of our kicking and screaming. the jewel can be brought out into the light at any time, and it will glow as brilliantly as if nothing had ever happened. No matter how committed we are to unkindness, selfishness, or greed, the genuine heart of bodhichitta cannot be lost. It is here in all that lives, never marred and completely whole.”

That is the trick they play, the trompe l’oeil or what I like to call the ‘trompe de la soul.’ Mos Def are we caught up in a trick of the senses…defenseless and desensitized, the eyes and ears are all up for sale…if they could send you smells through the TV to sell you they would. They are all excited about 3D, but are we?

Their is a jewel within. Original sin? The origin of sin is not within or without you.  Fear is used to doubt you.  Don’t be distracted, the truth is didacted. These false statements of  hate need to be retracted.

“We think that by protecting ourselves from suffering we are being kind to ourselves. The truth is, we only become more fearful, more hardened, and more alienated. We experience ourselves as being separate from the whole. This separateness becomes like a prison for us, a prison that restricts us to our own personal hopes and fears and to caring only for the people nearest to us. Curiously enough, if we primarily try to shield ours-elves from discomfort we suffer.”

Is this the same modality that expresses itself in the strengthening of our immune system by adapting and working with bacteria in our natural environment? It seems as if it might not be in our best interest as a species on so many levels to sanitize everything. A la, playing in the mud might actually be good for you.

pg 89

“Yet when we don’t close off and we let our hearts break, we discover ourkinship with all beings. His Holiness the Dalai Lama describes two kinds of selfish people: the unwise and the wise. Unwise selfish people think only of themselves and the result is confusion and pain. Wise selfish people know that the best thing they can do for themselves is to be there for others. As a result, they experience joy.”

Selfish joy. The joy of self-lessness. Sell fish of joy not fish of hate. In other words, don’t be a fishmonger, unless your name is Molly Malone.

“When we see a woman and her child begging on the street, when we see a man mercilessly beating his terrified dog, when we see a teenager who has been badly beaten or see fear in the eyes of a child, do we turn away because we can’t bear it? Most of us probably do. Someone needs to encourage us not to brush aside what we feel, not to be ashamed of the love and grief it arouses in us, not to be afraid of the pain. someone needs to encourage us that this soft spot in us could be awakened and that to do this would change our lives.”

We are told pain is bad, to be avoided at all costs. Maybe pain can teach us things about ourselves. We need to ask ourselves if avoiding pain all the time is preventing us from the discovery of a higher self.

“The practice of “tonglen”-sending and receiving-is designed to awaken bodhichitta,to put us in touch with genuine noble heart. It is a practice of taking in pain and sending out pleasure and therefore completely turns around our well-established habit of doing just the opposite.”

“Tonglen is a practice of crating space, ventilating the atmosphere of our lives so that people can breathe freely and relax. Whenever we encounter suffering in any form, the tonglen instruction is to breathe it in, with the wish that everyone could be free of pain. Whenever we encounter happiness in any form, the instruction is to breathe it out, send it out, with the wish that everyone could feel joy. It’s a practice that allows people to feel less burdened and less cramped, a practice that shows us how to love without conditions.”

“When we breathe in pain, somehow it penetrates that armor. The way we guard ourselves is getting softened up. This heavy, rustic , creaking armor begins to seem not so monolithic after all. With the in-breathe the armor begins to fall apart, and we find we can breathe deeply and relax. A kindness and tenderness begin to emerge. We don’t have to tense up as if our whole life were being spent in the dentist’s chair.

When we breathe out relief and spaciousness , we are also encouraging the armor to dissolve. The out-breathe is a metaphor for opening our whole being. When something is precious, instead of holding it tightly, we can open our hands and share it. We can give it all away. We can share the wealth of this unfathomable human experience.”

What is this tightness and tension? Is it caused more by our confusion then the actual fear itself?  This indecisiveness  may be the cause of most of our tension and the MSM, or ‘Main-Stream-Media’ seem to  be confusing the situation even more and adding to the tension of an already chaotic world by inflaming our fears with their inflammatory ways. How much of the tension is real and how much is caused by our confusion and inaction, or wrong-action?

pg 90.

“Awakened heart can always be discovered like that. It does not take gearing up or struggling to achieve. when strategies are not yet formed and we feel uncertain about which way to turn, in those moments of vulnerability, bodhichatta is always there. It manifests as basic openness, which Buddhists call shunyuta It manifests as basic tenderness, basic compassionate warmth. When we walk around like we’re expecting to be attacked, we block it. When we release the tension between this and that, the struggle between us and them, that’s when bodhichitta will emerge.”

“At the relative level, our noble heart is felt as kinship with all beings. At the absolute level, we experience it as ground-lessness or open space.”

pg 91.

“When we experience the soft spot of bodhichitta , it’s like returning home. It’s as if we had amnesia for a very long time and awaken to remember who we are. The poet Jalludin Rumi writes of night travelers who search the darkness instead of running from it, a companionship of people willing to know their own fear. Whether it’s in the small fears of a job interview or the unnameable terrors imposed by war, prejudice, and hatred; whether it’s in the loneliness of a widow or the horrors of children shamed or abused by a parent, in the tenderness of the pain itself , night travelers discover the light of bodhichitta.

“Bodhichitta is available in moments of caring for things, when we clean our glasses or brush our hair. It’s available in moments of appreciation, when we notice the blue sky or pause and listen to the rain. It is available in moments of gratitude, when we recall a kindness or recognize another person’s courage. It is available in music and dance, in art, and in poetry. Whenever we let go of holding on to ourselves and look at the world around us, whenever we connect with sorrow, whenever we connect with joy, whenever we drop our resentment and complaint, in those moments bodhichitta is here.”

“Spiritual awakening is frequently described as a journey to the top of a mountain. We leave our attachments and our worldliness behind and slowly make our way to the top. At the peak we have transcended all pain. The only problem with this metaphor is that we leave all the others behind-our drunken brother, our schizophrenic sister, our tormented animals and friends. Their suffering continues, unrelieved by our personal escape.”

“In the process of discovering bodhichitta, the journey goes down, not up. It’s as if the mountain pointed toward the center of the earth instead of reaching into the sky. Instead of transcending the suffering of all creatures, we move toward the turbulence and doubt. We jump into it. We slide into it. We tiptoe into it. We move toward it however we can. We explore the reality and unpredictability of insecurity and pain, and we try not to push it away. If it takes years, if it takes lifetimes , we let it be as it is. At our own pace without speed or aggression we move down and down and down. With us move millions of others, our companions in awakening from fear. At the bottom we discover water, the healing water of bodhichitta. Right down there in the thick of things, we discover the love that will not die.”

Is their a almost total suspension of self-judgment when we confront our highest and ultimate reality? Pema, is a shining example of what confronting the sorrows and heartaches of life can do for your spirit. To be a witness and to teach this to others is her beautiful way.

It is a concept and breathe-work that goes deep down. That allows us to feel and honor the suffering of others without becoming hopeless or despaired.

And back to Danny:

When I watch someone speaking in a spiritual way about a political subject, a point of view that is never expressed in the mainstream media or often in independent media, I feel and see our false socio-political compartmentalizations dissipate and dissolve.

This is a challenging interview, while I don’t love Mr Rattansi’s tone I think he does a good job here. His skeptical and pointed questions allow Danny to show his wisdom and depth. The first part is Danny speaking on the domestic scene, the paradigm of the Social Forum. In the second part, Mr Glover speaks on Latin America, Haiti and Education.

Is there a more generous and gracious person on the planet? One of our great actors and humanitarians, Mr Danny Glover on “Fault Lines”.

And away we go!

Mr Shihab introduces Danny:

“In 1968 he took part in the longest campus strike in US history at SF University, fighting for and succeeding in founding the first school of ethnic studies in the country. His activism spans HIV awareness to union organization, to peace and justice in the middle east. In 2004 he was arrested outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC at a protest over Darfur”

The beautiful and brilliant Danny Glover speaking from the McDougal library in downtown Detroit, MI.

“This library is an edifice of the dysfunctional-ism of the collapse of an idea, of a way of life. Forty percent unemployment in Detroit, so there is a different connection to 40% unemployment and this right here, this library a very functional library, and the significance of what a library means in people’s lives, a communities lives.”

“With this collapse, which is the obvious collapse of a paradigm, a failure of a paradigm, what happens now? What do we do now, how do we begin to reconstruct and re-imagine our world.”

“One of the disconnects that we often have in this country is the disconnect between ideas, ideology and real practice, and using that ideology to move forward in some proactive practice.”

“How do we now activate ourselves, and begin to plan the world and plan communities we envision.”

“Since history is about stories and who’s storied are elevated, who’s stories are validated. How do we validate our story? And those validations of the story could be in the midst of this forty percent unemployment here, but in the midst of this something is happening here in Detroit.”

“I think it is important for us to acknowledge our victories and sometimes our victories don’t show up in the electoral process , sometimes our victories don’t show up in the decisions that’s made in Congress and the President. Sometimes the victory shows up in the level and intensity of mobilization that comes as a result of that and I think the intensity and mobilization is coming up cause across this country it is vital for real action and real change. “

In an analogy to Chavez and MLK, Danny speaks on how the movement of the people rose these figures up. It was not a ‘cult of personality’ which the media like to promote.

Dr King would tell you this, ‘I may have been a simple preacher but the movement itself rose me to the heights I’ve rose, I’ve come. So the question becomes, at this particular time in Latin America this change is occurring. How it changes within the framework of changing attitudes, relationship to people within respective societies and respective countries. What it means in terms of consumption, what it means to bettering their lives, those are real things. People went from the vantage point that we want a better life, labor aligned with things that they did not have alliances before saying we want a better life, indigenous people aligning themselves.”

“My interest came out because in this hemisphere there are 150 million African descendants in this hemisphere, only 35-36 live here here. The majority of them live in Latin America….90% of them live in poverty, how do they begin to signify their own presence in this whole changing apparatus that is happening. That’s what important, that’s what I am watching. I am not a rock star worshiper, I am watching what the people are doing.”

And about Haiti.

“I think Haiti is very capable of managing it’s own affairs, if they are given the opportunity…my argument is that they have never been given the opportunity to manage their own affairs.”

“Haiti could be a real model for what we talk bout ecological redevelopment, development. It could be a real model of when we think about how does a country from the global south, a underdeveloped country develop itself, it could be a real model for that. I am afraid it is not going to be that model but models that we all envision and what we would like to see is an inclusive model, that also involves the Haitians in Haiti but also the expatriate community. I think it has to be a model that involves Latin America. Cause as much of Latin America’s history and current political situation, the arc revolves around Haiti.”

“There has to be an encompassing discourse about development, poverty, education, health…given the enormous technology we have, insight we have and information we have. So when we talk about Haiti at this time and how we frame this agenda. Haiti is a country of only 8 million people, think and imagine if we were able to support the Haitian’s own action for development. When I say support, we know what happens with NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations), with what USAID has done, what has happened with USAID since it’s inception. We know that most of the money doesn’t go to the project itself but to those contractors and sub-contractors who manage the problem. So how do we get the money to people who begin to shape the context of their own lives and begin to shape the way they become the architects of their own rescue.”

And on childhood education Danny just shines. No script, no teleprompter, just someone speaking from the heart in a beautiful way about  a painful subject. So rare and so uplifting.

“Everyone who talks about education from Jonathan Corsaw to all of the great people who talk about education, will tell you what it means and what it takes to educate a child. Why do we talk about a child losing their curiosity by the 4th grade? What is the magic about that? You look at a third grade class, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade class you find these incredibly creative kids, by the fourth grade they’re zombies. What is happening here in this process, how do we reverse this process? It takes the resources and political will to do it.”

“How do we institutionalize that change as well. How do we institute the sense that people have the right to have expectations and how do we do that in such a way that we create the new communities of the 21st Century. To remind you, we haven’t even talked about what’s happening to our precious planet here and what we done to that.”

“The answer comes with forcing our will. The question always becomes, is that if we mobilize that will we can win…That will has been mobilized on numerous occasions. That will has been mobilized during the Civil Rights Movement, mobilized in our activities to bring about the election of Barack Obama. That will has the capacity to be mobilized. If we organize that will and move that will in a way in which we talk about the practical things that we have to deal with in life. How do we get food, how do we service our communities, how do we raise our children, how do we create an atmosphere of love and compassion.”

“That’s what is being talked about in this room right here, in these room right here.”

And scene.

Here are some of  my notes in closing.

When I look at a man like this I see someone who has achieved a high level of understanding and compassion because of what he has to overcome. Danny is a large, dark-skinned black man living in a society where a large percentage of the population views the African American struggle as threatening. If Danny was in college at SF State back in the late sixties, it means he grew up in the fifties and early sixties in a pre-civil rights era, where Jim Crow still dominated culture and society. While I hope Danny and his family were spared, I am sure he at least saw first hand the hatred and violence that came with being regarded as a second class citizen, as being less than human.

And instead of using his size and strength to intimidate or influence people he uses a gentle kindness and child like wonder and hope to help open our eyes. When I close my eyes I hear the Dali Llama or Mahatma Gandhi. Then I laugh and hear him say, “I am getting too old for this shit!”

The African American experience is one of “soulforce” as MLK put it. Just because the AA experience is “loud” or “in your face” does not mean it is not spiritual. The cultural contexts may be Afro-centered, but the spirit is one that is found in all cultures, Gaelic, elvesBraveheart you name it. It is not a “black thang.” It’s our shared struggle against negative forces that joins us.

The sad thing is that the corporate media likes to introduce and reinforce negative psychological paradigms at the expense of our beautiful and historically valuable stories and people. We have way more in common, no matter what culture or race or religion we come from with each others stories than the ‘corporatized’ version of events.

Think Howard Zinn’s “Peoples  History”, of which Danny took part in recently. These are our stories, important stories that your Mother or Grandmother might have told you, if you were lucky enough. These are stories that weave the fabric of our neighborhoods and societies. These are the fibers that strengthen Ariadne’s Thread.  She is the great grandmother that weaves our story and brings us together in our shared humanity.

Kerouac from “America’s New Trinity of Love.”

“There is the need all around to be recognized and adored by some other human being, the need all around for kindness, for the ideal of love which does not exclude cruelty but is all-embracing, non-assertive, simply lovely. Not necessarily the Dionysian orgy but the tender communion.”

It is this thread that is woven in the hearts and minds of our shared fate, along with our beauty and so called ugliness into an amazing tapestry of human potential and courage. At the heart of this design is love and compassion reinforced by the strong bonds that a shared fate instills in an engaged and just society.

If we can put aside our fears of whatever, and begin to see how a corporatized society with overwhelmingly corporate values may not be the best thing for building strong bonds that reinforce our communities strengths, we can then reach out to the rest of the world with more openness and understanding. And it will return.

A corporate owned infrastructure cares not for our history or stories. Walmart may hire Grandpa as a greeter, but they don’t care one nit about him.

Let’s stop being nit-wits and start being knit-wits.

Capitalism wants to pave over our history and struggle with a cleaner and more sanitized version of what it means to be human. Humans need to feel safe but we are sacrificing our cultural and historical identities to only feeeeel safer. This isn’t a bummer, it is a tragedy of epic proportions.

Three Dog Night has a beautiful story of love from the early 70’s called “Shambala.” And here are some shiny happy people sharing their story of  Shambala with us now.

UK Trailer for Terry Gilliams “Brazil”

“Heaven’s Here on Earth” by Tracy Chapman

Cyrus Safdari on Iran Air Flight 655 and US Hypocrisy

Some of Cyrus’ quotes from interview below.

Not only does Cyrus have a cool name, he seems like a reasonable individual. Unlike most Bush supporters, I believe words and ideas and how they are expressed actually say something about the individual uttering them.

I also tend to not go for the glitz and gloss that you find masquerading as sincerity and reasonable discourse in the Main Stream Media (MSM). They look great, talk great and have the world of technology at their polished fingertips yet the discourse and debate somehow go nowhere. Go figure.

Cyrus Safdari may not be the most polished person to speak on the Iranian situation, but as someone who speaks for his own culture and has been in Iran both before and after the 1979 Revolution, I respect his point of view much more than I would an overly-telegenetic ‘talking head.’

I honor the fact that Cyrus is able to speak in clear and sober terms to such a personally painful situation in this corporate and western dominated media. I listen with an open mind because mine is the paradigm which assumes that the closer you get to the heart of a story, the more truth you will find.

People may speak of RT, or Russian Television as a lesser or biased media but the facts speak for themselves. There are many arguments here depending on which paradigm you adhere too. As far as the MSM goes, the paradigm is pretty one-sided. A corporate agenda where the views and the needs of the majority of people no matter what their culture, are subjugated to the will of the corporate/government infrastructure. Follow the money honey.

Collectivism, the idea that we should use our government as a tool for the management of our natural and cultural resources is portrayed in the media as “communism” and linked to the downfall of man. While unregulated capitalism is portrayed as a “savior” of our democracy and way of life. And they are laughing all the way to the bank…in the Cayman Islands, so they are laughing on a jet or yacht…just to rub it in I guess.

Just as African Americans never were or deserved to be viewed as 3/5ths human under the law, other cultures and civilizations are no less valuable than our own. We may prefer our own culture of course which is only natural, but to say that another country or people do not deserve to be treated with respect because we don’t understand them is immature and irresponsible.

My Gosh! How do we not realize the chain of struggles and events that women, children, immigrants and minorities have gone through in modern society and not see the links to how we view and treat people in foreign countries and civilizations today.

The painful truth is that we have more in common with the poor and middle class in other countries such as Iran than we do with the wealthy and upper classes in our own countries.

With our own country we share a common language and cultural identity with the wealthy but upon closer examination it turns out that we don’t have the same world view that the power hungry and market Mouseketeers do.

Real people don’t identify with Disneyland, they identify with a camaraderie that is borne of a shared fate. More like “The Three Musketeers” or “Robin Hood”, books and now movies that are reinvented and retold every generation because they resonate so strongly with our innate human needs and desires. It only feels like a Revolutionary desire because the powers that be are constantly fighting us for the ability to govern ourselves. So we feel like we are constantly at war in the political realm.

As it turns out the overwhelming majority of the worlds poor and middle class just want to work, raise families and try to live peaceful and relatively uneventful lives. I think it is called being happy. But as it turns out their is a small percentage of our humanity who’s main goal is to gain wealth and power at the expense of the health and well being of the rest of the population and the entire planet. They are willing to do whatever it takes, to take over every facet of our lives, to overwhelm the commons with their fear and loathing and sway public opinion against itself.

This is not class warfare, people have a right to be rich if they have earned it, but to then use that wealth and power to subdue and take away the rights that our forefathers and mothers struggled with and fought for their whole lives seems a bit extreme on their part. It should at least should be allowed to be discussed, don’t you think?

From the RT Utube channel:

“Iran Air Flight 655, also known as IR655, was a civilian airliner shot down by US missiles on Sunday 3 July 1988, over the Strait of Hormuz, toward the end of the Iran–Iraq War.The aircraft, an Airbus A300B2 operated by Iran Air as IR655, was flying from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai, UAE, when it was destroyed by the US. Is this an example of US policy hypocrisy towards Iran?”

Mr. Cyrus Safdar from the video:

“The Iranians are not silly or stupid, they are quite aware of the history of their country with respect to the US and so when the US tries to lecture Iran and the Iranians on Human Rights, Iranian actually wonder where this is coming from. Where was this concern for Human Rights when the US was backing Saddam (Hussein), or when they shot down IA Flight 655 or all of the other things that have happened between the two countries.”

“Everyday we are bombarded with the latest Iran news, however this news is never put in any kind of context which would allow it to be understood. Instead it’s constant fear mongering.”

“The US and Western medias are so dominant that it is hard to get independent voices heard.”

“Anyone who goes on the internet right now can see videos of Donald Rumsfeld the former Secretary of State shaking hands with Saddam Hussein at a time when SH was gassing the Kurds and the US tried to shift blame for that onto the Iranians.”

“We can talk about their (Iran’s) nuclear program which started with the assistance of the US and suddenly now the US is telling Iran that it has to give up it’s rights under the non-proliferation treaty”

“However the US is closely allied with countries who have nuclear weapons and have refused to sign the same treaty.”

“What we have here (in Iran) is a third world country that dare to rise up and overthrow a US backed dictatorship. If Iran can do than so can people in Saudi Arabia, so can people in other countries in which the US is closely allied with their ruling governments, and this presents a threat to others in the region as well.’

The original by the great Leon Russel

John Wathen and Robert Kennedy Jr, ‘The Waterkeepers’

John Wathen is the real deal. One of the few men anywhere who are willing to actually stand up for what they believe in and then go out on a precarious limb to do something about it.

From his profile:

“Very passionate about clean water, air, and not destroying the Grandmother Earth. Musician, Photographer, both scenic and evidence, Special love for my wife and Grandkids. 3 kids and a life I chose and cherish to lead in protection of THEIR future resource… Earth.
What is Humanity thinking when we consume our habitat?”

Does it get any cooler than that?

Alabama environmentalist John Wathen has the best footage of the BP Gulf spill and it’s devastation and has been featured on CNN and MSNBC. Keith Olbermann had the chutzpah to have him on recently and the man is as they say ‘the salt of the earth’. Well, he is at least a little salty from his work.

Mr Wathen is a compelling character. He is working on behalf of the ‘Waterkeeper Alliance’ an umbrella organization in which Mr Wathen is an honored member, and acts as a ‘Hurricane Creekkeeper’ in the Gulf Region.

From Wiki:
“The Waterkeeper Alliance have been part of the first line of defense during the BP Gulf oil disaster recovery. The Gulfwaterkeepers on scene are FL: Apalachicola Riverkeeper and Emerald Coastkeeper. AL: Mobile Baykeeper, LA: Louisiana Bayoukeeper and Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper. Also working to clean up the ocean waters and beaches are volunteers, marine biologists, environmental advocates, and members of each of the coastal communities who have been affected. They created Save Our Gulf website to coordinate the efforts of Gulf Waterkeepers who are fighting to protect the Gulf Coast.”

‘Waterkeeper Alliance’ is Robert Kennedy Jr’s baby and it is involved in all facets of American water habitat conservation and environmental law, especially focused on local and grassroots issues. The parent group ‘Riverkeepers’ started back in ’66. After Bobby got on board as their attorney in the mid 80’s it was able to get more exposure and credibility and is now 191 organizations strong with ‘Waterkeepers’ like John Whathen all across the country.

The website:

Of course John Wathen is involved with Bobby Jr, they are as good as it gets. The real American heroes that keep getting swept under the rug by our corporate media. Bobby Jr has been at the front of many important environmental issues in the last twenty years. He was one of the lead investigators into the link between ‘thirmesol’, the mercury containing-preservative and it’s connections to Autism. Bobby broke the story in Rolling Stone and the evidence is very strong that there is at least some connection as well as a bit of a cover-up between the medi-pharma industry and the government.

And then we have the Dolphins bellying up dead in the oily-soaked waters of the Gulf. Whales struggling to wade through the sludge.

I swam and canoed with these dolphins in the Gulf back in the day and let me tell you, they are the ‘salt of the ocean’. There is an intelligent sweetness to Dolphins which makes them one of the most endearing (and hopefully enduring) creatures on the planet.

They are so incredibly special that it is hard to put into words. They are the epitome of the beauty and power of the water. Sculpted out of the majesty of the ocean’s soul, these ‘Silver Surfers’ of the deep are deeply spiritual beings. I believe that dolphins are the only other mammals that surf.

From Wiki:

“Dolphins are social, living in pods of up to a dozen individuals. In places with a high abundance of food, pods can merge temporarily, forming a superpod; such groupings may exceed 1,000 dolphins. Individuals communicate using a variety of clicks, whistles and other vocalizations. They make ultrasonic sounds for echolocation. Membership in pods is not rigid; interchange is common. However, dolphins can establish strong social bonds. Dolphins will stay with injured or ill individuals, even helping them to breathe by bringing them to the surface if needed.[22] This altruism does not appear to be limited to their own species however. The dolphin Moko in New Zealand has been observed guiding a female Pygmy Sperm Whale together with her calf out of shallow water where they had stranded several times. They have also been seen protecting swimmers from sharks by swimming circles around the swimmers or charging the sharks to make them go away.

Dolphins also display culture, something long believed to be unique to humans (and possibly other primate species). In May 2005, a discovery in Australia found Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) teaching their young to use tools. They cover their snouts with sponges to protect them while foraging. This knowledge is mostly transferred by mothers to daughters, unlike simian primates, where knowledge is generally passed on to both sexes. Using sponges as mouth protection is a learned behavior. Another learned behavior was discovered among river dolphins in Brazil, where some male dolphins use weeds and sticks as part of a sexual display.”

And dolphins have been used in many therapeutic modalities, especially of late with autistic children. And maybe they are trying to tell us something about the dangers of polluting our bloodstreams and how it relates to the pollution of our actual streams and waterways. Bobby Jr and John Wathen seem to realize these connections and I think that is what makes them act so fearlessly.

Yes maybe more dolphins and whales will be killed due to the cruel practices of much of the fishing industry than the BP disaster, but this is totally unnecessary and egregious and is just one more thing to be devastated by.

We seem to have become a toxic society. Our kids are being overstimulated and over-medicated and we stand idly by for the most part, while our lives and our oceans, rivers and streams are allowed to be polluted and misused.

I am in my forties and I remember a time when you could swim in the local river or lake. Now you are very lucky if your local water area is swimmable. And this is not due to the lack of hard work and struggle by people like John Wathen, but to our own apathy and ignorance.

Now we see the entire eco-system might be sick, hence ‘climate change’. The Earth has a fever which may be low grade, but the sweats and spasms of Mother Earth just might be enough to shake the very foundation of our inhumane modern culture.

Until we all demand that our physical and emotional environments be protected, that our children’s lives and future are not to be sold, or bartered to the highest bidder, we will all suffer the malaise of a lost and wounded soul.

Go here for a great piece from a cool cat from Alabama for some details of the video and all things Gulf.

“The End of America” Naomi ‘Never Cry’ Wolf

Naomi Wolf’s documentary, “The End of America” is a disturbing and detailed outline of the ‘Ten Steps To Fascism’ the United States has taken in the last ten years following the events of 9-11-01. The doc is based on her book of the same name which came out in 2007. The video has been available online since 2008.

Not only do these steps mirror some of the laws and procedures taken by Nazi Germany and other 20th Century fascist regimes, but the GW Bush administration even had the chutzpah to use the direct translation of the terms the Third Reich used in their ‘War of Terror’ as Borat famously quipped.

Ms. Wolf resounds the warning bell of creeping fascism in the US and shows the disturbing similarities to the social and political tactics of The Third Reich.

The Nazi similarities are frightening and upsetting to say the least. Germany was a modern city/state with a vibrant art and political scene when the Nazi’s gained power. The Nazi’s took power by usurping the German Constitution in a time of crisis and using propaganda and fear to gain control of it’s population.

The Establishment Media love to put Nazi and Hitler iconography in our face constantly yet refuse to go into detail about the very sophisticated propaganda and political manipulation that evolved there. Germany was in financial crisis and Europe was still simmering after WWI, but the media and much of academia mainly focus on the ‘evil’ of the Nazi regime. Of course the Holocaust is usually a main focus as it should be.

While some of the historical context and psychological aspects of the German ‘psyche’ are touched upon by the media-usually some inherent belief in a German superiority with ‘Triumph of the Will’ iconography-less credence is given to the propaganda, political misdirection and theater that was at the heart of the Nazi regime.

The ‘theater’ is there to distract the public from seeing the behind the scenes nefarious ‘lawful’ activity. Without the implementation of these laws and tactics that Wolf outlines here, the Nazis would not have gained power and been able to wield and exert such force. Maybe there was a ‘perfect storm’ in which they ascended power so quickly, but it wasn’t effortless. Despite the media focusing on the ‘high German ideal’, the inherent cultural and genetic belief in a Germanic superiority, fascism can happen anywhere as the 20th Century bears out. Even here in the United States circa 21st Century Fox.

From Wikipedia: “The Gestapo controlled the German populace with some 100,000 spies and informers, thereby were aware of anti-Nazi criticism and dissent. Happy with Nazi prosperity, most Germans remained silently obedient, while political opponents, especially the Communists, Marxists, and international socialists were imprisoned; “between 1933 and 1945, more than 3 million Germans had been in concentration camps, or prison, for political reasons”. “Tens of thousands of Germans were killed for one or another form of resistance. Between 1933 and 1945, Sondergerichte (Nazi “special courts”) killed 12,000 Germans, courts martial killed 25,000 German soldiers, and civil justice killed 40,000 Germans. Many of these Germans were part of the government, civil, or military service, a circumstance which enabled them to engage in subversion and conspiracy, while involved, marginally or significantly, in the government’s policies.”

Bush did not use the language or have the linguistic finesse and showmanship of a Hitler or Mussolini, but he got the job done. If the US ever tilts far right again and elects a very charismatic right-wing leader we are in big trouble, the laws are already in place.

The Obama administration may not take full advantage of these measures to shut down public outcry completely, but even they will use it to gain political control. And an administration is not one person, it can be corrupted from within or without. The point is to have very thorough checks and balances on the powers that be in order to assure that major nefariousness is subdued. Without these checks and balances, justice is tilted haphazardly towards those in power and privilege at the expense of the needs and desires of the general populace.

Naomi begins by explaining why and how she wrote the book, “And I realized from my reading that intently, strategically, systematically, a small group of people set out to undermine the constitution, open the door for the horror to come”

She saw,”the similarity between all of these regimes in the 20th C, Germany, China, Chile, where a slow but purposeful eroding of the constitution takes place. Leaders learn from one another and have developed a blue print for closing down an open society.”

Naomi, then outlines 10 steps which 20th Century fascist governments such as the Third Reich and Stalin’s Russia implemented to close down an open society. These “Ten Steps to Fascism” describe ten political tactics that fascist regimes use to control the populace. Why is the US doing this when other countries who suffer ‘terror’ do not.

I will use Roman numerals to make it look classier. And away we go!

Step I. Invoke and internal and external threat

We experienced an attack on our ‘Homeland” in 2001 of course, but other countries such as Spain or England who also had major terrorist attacks still kept their citizen’s rights. They did not bypass their constitution, to ‘protect themselves from the ‘enemy’.

The Bush league raised fear levels as high as possible. The Department of Homeland Security was created and the Patriot Act was passed.

The actual events surrounding the 2001 attacks are still considered inconclusive, and enough evidence has been presented for the government to open a thorough and transparent investigation into what transpired on ‘911’. Many of our progressive congressman want an open investigation but to no avail. Therefore, all the evidence that points to a ‘False Flag Operation’ is ignored and ‘911’ still remains a frustrating mystery for all except those who blindly wave the flag. It is our patriotic duty to fully investigate the attacks and hold those responsible, whether it be for treason, or just plain negligence.

How do you separate 9/11 and 911? To put a link to the impetus for our War on Terror and link it ass to ass to our euphemism for emergency seems suspicious. 911 is something we yell instead of Help!, or Emergency! It is basically means emergency. Seeing and hearing that number over and over again makes a strong and permanent link, which I believe is purposeful.

By October 2001 the White House and Congress drove the Patriot Act through Congress. It was printed at 3am and had to voted on by 11 am. This allowed the government to wiretap, use electronic surveillance, go through medical and bank records, credit card statements and library book records without warrant or probable cause.
The Bush league was able to do this because they helped create such a storm of fear.
“We cannot wait for the smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud” said Cunning-linguist Rice from the White House right before Iraq War. Although Colin Powell’s regrets his statements at the UN now, his now famous “yellow cake” speech was a big part of the false build up to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

And As much as Cheney denied it, he was quoted on national television as saying these exact words,

“There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.”

“No doubt!” he emphasized more than once. He backpedaled furiously after that, even denying that he said the words, and the media allowed him to squirm out of it.
“No Doubt!”, he assured trusting Americans. Not, “Saddam used them on the Kurds” or “we thought we had reliable intelligence” or “we had satellite photos, yellow cake, known suspect informants”. Not “we have the receipt” for the weapons.

When Cheney was pressured further to answer the allegation that none of the evidence so far was conclusive, he assured the reporter and the American people that from the intel privy only to him which was an issue of national security, he was giving the American people his word that Saddam was a real threat. Not to Kuwait, or Iran. Not in 10 years, but now.

Cheney has been discredited to all but the true believers. His pushing for the war for ideological reasons and silencing of war critics in the Pentagon and elsewhere is well known. How you go from, “shut up, I am right!” to “oh gee, I thought I was” with this much at stake and many experts within his administration telling him he was wrong and remain a credible figure in the Mainstream Media is sign that things are very wrong.

He lied, they died. With what is now known, all the knowns that were previously unknown in the Donald Rumsfeld Defense Department and Dick Cheney White House, if it wasn’t for the political turmoil and outing of everyone involved, these guys would be tried for treason. As it is, they cannot travel to many countries for fear of arrest under international war crime law.


Secret here means unaccountable.We know Guantanamo Prison is there, but we are not allowed to find out what is really going on. From all reports Guantanamo was using torture tactics right out of the Russian gulags. These tactics are against the Geneva Convention and our previous government and military stances.

Bush signs Military Order #1. The government can pick up anyone it wants and hold them as an ‘enemy combatant’. They are then not official ‘prisoners of war’ and are not eligible for the protection of the Geneva Convention

Secretary of Defense Donald ‘Duck You Suckers’ Rumsfeld personally sought to redefine torture as only “organ failure” or “severe pain and suffering with specific intent”. He expands the 16 rules of interrogation to 35. Nice guy. Favorite exercise, running his chainsaw. I kid you not.

The Nazi’s used the exact same term ‘Enhanced Interrogation’, ‘Verscharfte Vernehmung’. Sounds better in German actually. Many other disturbing Third Reich linguistic similarities. Why was this done? There were enough smart people in the White House to catch this, and it was brought to their attention immediately when made public. So what kind of sick and twisted Skull and Bones bullshite we got here?

The White House memo for 2-7-02. “Geneva does not apply to our conflict with Al Qaeda, detainees also do not qualify as prisoners of war” Good ole GWB doing his patri-idiotic duty.

From all reports, torture is known to provide much wrong and distorted information. People will say anything to make it stop. The reason for invading Iraq was based on false evidence obtained by torture.

The Military Commission Act of 2006 which:

-Stripped Habeas Corpus-the right to a speedy trial and to see the evidence against you.

-expands the definition of enemy combatant

-gives power to detain indefinitely

-gave legal jurisdiction to military commissions that could be try and execute without public knowledge.

-can be tried as ‘terrorist’ or ‘enemy combatant’, somewhat nebulous terms.

Bush was able to push threw these measures because he was a good ole’ boy. Americans like their fascism with a beer and ballgame.


Blackwater gives 2.4 million to Republicans. 500 million then awarded in no bid security contracts. Blackwater hires killers and torturers from foreign countries. Reporter Jeremy Scahill saw them in Katrina patrolling in HumVees with machine guns. On the Blackwater website they are hyping US Protest Control, which is very frightening. It is way for them to bypass the military code that prohibits domestic use of the military, especially for crowd control.

“You cannot close down an open society without a paramilitary,” says Naomi. Blackwater is a very right wing dis-oriented organization with very strong right-wing Christian religious ties, even more so than the American military.


FISA-Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows the government to spy on it’s own citizens without warrant.

Very similar to the East German Stazi Force after WWII. They had similar powers to surveil and had checkpoints everywhere. A modern police state where the first casualty is freedom of speech and assembly, especially from the left, as the right can always be co-opted with patriotic lingo.

The List. No Fly List which has one million people on it. An interview with Colonel Antoon, who’s entire family shows up on the watch list for political or bureaucratic reasons. Many military personnel are on list. Many academics and socio-political leaders are prevented from entering the US. This also works as ‘soft pressure’, preventing many people from speaking out through threat of “extreme inconvenience”.

The FBI was blocked from investigating any allegations of wrongdoing by the State Department and White House.

Severe weakening of ‘posit comatatis’, the police are supposed to be accountable and have civilian oversight.


Groups like the Quakers are on the watch list and there are numerous reports of peaceful and law abiding groups being infiltrated. While there are leftist groups such as Earth First! who have damaged property in order to defend their cause, there is no real violence or credible threats unless you count the so called young ‘anarchists’ who break Starbuck windows. But the media and the corp/state portray the mostly pacifist and harmless organizations as violent and ideological threats to Western Civilization.

Police illegally spied on protesters in NYC rally, but the FBI is not allowed to investigate.

Cointelpro, which is short for Counter Intelligence Program, had been a big part of the FBI ever since J Edgar Hoover put on a dress. Infiltration is also a big psychological pressure point, you aren’t sure who is who, it changes the perception of reality.

As Naomi says, “To make them unable to stand up for themselves, even trust their own reality.”


Again intimidation is a big factor. Who wants to go to jail? Who wants to protest and get beat up or even worse.

James Yee was a Chaplin in the US Military. He was being detained and accused of being a terrorist spy, due mostly to a term paper he wrote about Islam. He says, “religion is being used as a weapon.” by the US Military.

In Charlestown, S.C. there is a prison for citizen enemy combatants.

Maher Arar, a Canadian who the US govt sent to Syria to be tortured for 10 months with no charges filed and others who are held in American prisons and not allowed redress.


They target key individuals who are powerful social or political critics. The Bush League boycotted the Dixie Chicks through their friends at Clear Channel. The Cd burnings that Clear Channel and it’s conservative backers sponsored evoked the book burnings of old as well as the burning of Beatles albums back in the early sixties, due to their “commie ways”.

Dan Rather was fired with White House pressure and of course Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA agent, both due to critical views of the White House.


White House started to prosecute reporters again under the espionage act of 1917, which made it illegal to criticize the war or express dissent. Yes, Librarians et al were arrested and beaten back in the day, and expressed solidarity with their sisters in recent years by refusing to release information.

The marginalization of populist politician Eugene Debs who was given a 10 year prison sentence for speaking out against US involvement in WWI, cast a pall over civil society and silenced political debate for decades.

Bilal Hussein detained two years, a photographer for a major news organization.

Josh Wolf, an American freelance journalist was sent to prison for a full year. Longest in history for a US journalist. The government was so desperate to identify the protesters in Josh’s video that they prosecuted this case. Again, intimidation and this is a case where the FBI was barred from investigating.

Without confidentiality, sources will not come forward and journalists will be seriously hindered in pursuing investigative stories about government or corporate corruption. Not to mention the effect this has on what journalists will cover. The mob uses intimidation all the time, but when the state uses it, it ain’t funny.


At the 2008 St Paul Republican convention, 400 people are arrested for protesting, many journalists including Amy Goodman. Hundreds are illegally arrested in a round up at a local park. Eight Americans were charged with terrorism.

HR 1955 which passed the House would have basically criminalized free speech. The “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act” of 2007 which would allow the government to classify many types of political activity as terrorism is still alive in the Senate according to Joe Lieberman.


The Bush league subverts laws of Congress with 110 signing statements all overriding the Constitutional authority of Congress.

Bush administration targeted high ranking attorneys who did not fall in. Even purging of the entire staff was discussed, a tactic that Goebbels employed.

It is now much easier to declare Marshal Law with all of these laws in place.

In 2008 an American combat brigade was stationed with 3-4,000 troops, mostly to be trained and used for ‘civil disobedience’. Again, this is against the long standing prohibition of using military for crowd control.

At the end of the documentary it asks us to support the ‘American Freedom Agenda’ act which would reverse all of the dangerous laws of the Patriot Act.

Remembering Ed Abbey.

American Heroes like these will classified as ‘terrorists’ or ‘enemy combatants’ and dissent and public dialogue will be discouraged. People have already exhibited a tendency to pop pills and engage in mind and soul numbing activities. While the template for this type of control of the masses is more Huxleyan , Orwell is right there below the surface and in the bureaucracy if you dare to look.

When I was a kid I saw the “Elephant Man” and was struck by the cruelty of the desperate and uneducated English population versus the dignity and beauty that such a man possessed. Matched against the horror and cruelty that the so called best and brightest of us commit and take part in on a daily basis, I was struck by the sado/masochistic tendencies that are at the center of any culture that has such extremes of wealth and poverty.

These are the types of tendencies that undemocratic governments like to manipulate in order to gain control. I spent enough days in the sales/marketing world to know the banal evil of consumerism.

The things we need are held hostage. Our natural resources, our food and water supply. Our energy and education. On and on. These things are state and corporate controlled and are used as big wedges to divide society. The US is an expansive land inhabited by many different peoples and environs, when you add religion and tribalism in the mix , along with class, race and sex with all of their historical implications, you see all of the fears and confusion that ensue.

It is a self-hate that comes about when you detach, both physically and emotionally from the natural world. It is a self-loathing and pessimistic view that leads to unraveling of all that is sacred around us, and a corporate state loves it, a fractured and exhausted populace ready to be manipulated.

The incredibly emotive John Hurt received an Oscar nomination for his raw and heart-breakingly sensitive portrayal of Sir Joseph Merrick in the David Lynch film. Hurt was also the main character in “1984”, the 1984 British film by Michael Radford based on the Orwell book.

Two very important movies. One more human revelation, the other political. Both coalescing around the amazing and brave work of Sir John Hurt. Both exemplifying the darkness of the human condition and how it relates to our downfall as social and political creatures.

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