Dwight was Right-Eisenhower’s 1961 Farewell Address

Eisenhower’s famous farewell address speech. People were stunned when the military genius and American Hero offered this sober critique of the emerging Military Industrial Complex.

From the speech:

“… we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations.”

“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to recognize its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.”

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or our democratic processes”

‘The Nation’s Chris Hayes Drops the ‘O’-bomb on Countdown

The ‘O’ bomb is OLIGARCHY.

If we are seeing a progressive journalist like Chris Hayes saying openly and almost whimsically that we have a totally corrupt, bought and sold government…an “oligarchy”, on prime time MSNBC, then isn’t the cat out of the bag?

What more has to happen for people to wake up and demand justice, or accountability or whatever buzz word you want to use for doing what’s right. And so much is on the line. There is serious death and dismemberment all over the world due to the collective unconsciousness of the American citizenry.

Any expert from the right or left who has an ounce of honesty will tell you that the government is bought and sold by the elites.

And if the entire government is bought and sold, as Tea-Partiers like to say, then why do they not display pictures of Republicans in effigy or as voodoo priests? There may be lots of genuine people in the Tea Party movement but they are being used and manipulated by corporate and quasi-republican party operatives. Dick Morris is an example of one of the buzzards, with my apologies to birds of prey.

Why does it take a progressive like Chris Hayes to state it? Will the threat of a right-wing popular revolt, a la the tea-partiers, bring progressives together? Or more likely, will progressives complain while the right organizes and grows and threatens to move the country even more to the right? We are on the doorsteps of fascism as it is, or rather fascism is on our doorsteps. My advice, don’t open the door.

The G20 Protests and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The G20 Summit is in Pittsburgh from September 20th-25th and much is at stake.

The G20, which is formally known as Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, is an annual forum where the world’s 20 most economically powerful countries meet with other institutions and shoot the breeze.

According to Wikipedia:

“The G-20 is a forum for cooperation and consultation on matters pertaining to the international financial system. It studies, reviews, and promotes discussion among key industrial and emerging market countries of policy issues pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability, and seeks to address issues that go beyond the responsibilities of any one organization.”

What is disturbing is that much of what goes on there is never made public and there seems to be no oversight of the festivities. That is a key point. Of course ‘national security’ is the main reason given for keeping things so secretive, but why not some oversight and at least some public accountability? It is an undemocratic institution that is compromised of mostly elected officials and therefore should have some accountability.

This big circus is rolling into Pittsburgh, PA in September and of course citizens and community groups are going to want their voices heard and try and get the media and officials to address their concerns regarding the G20. People not only want a healthy economy but they want to make sure that things like human rights and other concerns such as global warming or debt relief are addressed in a non-offhanded manner.

So the stage is set. The Summit is just around the corner, September 20th to the 25th. Although the city of Pittsburgh seems to be handling things well, the National Guard will most likely be called in to handle crowd control. If you go to the Pitt Post-Gazette site they have a link to the G20 articles that I am gleaming some of this information from. I think Pittsburgh is a good liberal blue-collar city and I don’t think there will be any major clashes but the presence of the National Guard is always a bummer. Your city is turned into a demilitarized zone, it puts a damper on the festivities.

Here is an excerpt from another article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. An activist is explaining why it is not cool to call in the National Guard unless it is necessary. It would be as if you went to a meeting and everyone had on boxing gloves and had vaseline under their eyes. It would change the dynamic a little.

“There is no state of emergency in Pittsburgh, there is no natural disaster,” he said, “only the placing of military combat troops in the Steel City, which will repress and intimidate democratic free speech and dissent.”

He is right. There is no reason to turn the city into a mosh pit if there is no threat. For what? A few broken windows? Please! It was probably a plainclothes officer anyway.

So, according to the reporter:

‘Lt. Col. Cleaver responded that the nature of the National Guard’s work has changed somewhat as a result of 9/11, taking on a more proactive role for security needs such as protecting airports and nuclear facilities.

“I would view this as a core mission of the National Guard,” he said of G-20 security.’

Ouch! That is what scares me. “A more proactive role for security,” is very scary. And that crowd control is a “core mission” of the National Guard when it is unconstitutional to have the military used in this fashion, is just reprehensible.

Using the  military, even the National Guard for crowd control purposes is unconstitutional. It is part of an effort to “secure our Homeland” as they so eerily put it. It is just awful that a government that can’t get it’s act together to help a city recover from a Hurricane can mobilize around every damn protest and intimidate, harass and abuse old ladies and kids. Just shameful.

It is very hard to protest. It is hard to get permits. It is difficult to get close to the meetings or organizations you are protesting. Pretty soon the ‘Free Speech Zone’ will be your couch. Without a permit you are subject to arrest. With a permit, you are escorted and controlled by officers in riot gear who are trained to treat you like suspected terrorists. It is a pretty dismal affair. People do not want to go to these things. Only the diehards will be out to subject themselves to abuse and have their voices drowned out in the media by the latest Primate Fiasco.

Is Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku…Cuckoo?

Michio Kako, the American born physicist and futurist who is working on “the theory of everything” was interviewed by Fox! News recently and is really excited about the new advancements in “mind reading technology”.

Now, Mr Kaku has impressive credentials. He is one of the world’s most prominent theoretical physicists, and has lead the way in the advancement of String Theory. Why he is hyping “telepathic homes” and “telepathic video games”, I have no idea.

I would recommend watching the video first and then reading my take on it. I am all for this technology and see the benefit of it for certain people. My concern is with the way it is hyped and the person that is hyping it.

I am trying to explore the relationship between science and the media and am just coming from a skeptical point of view.

This “mind reading” technology works through censors on the scalp that can pick up information from a person’s brain waves. A person wears this high-tech ‘thinking cap’ and the information is fed into a computer, which will then learn how to interpret the data and automatically work the controls  on the wheelchair.

As Michio gleefully states, “Give me five years and we will read your thoughts.”

Mr Kaku goes on, “The brain emits radio waves, it emits electric and magnetic fields. The new twist is we now have computers that can analyze that, recognize patterns, sort of know what you’re thinking. We can use that to energize machines like wheelchairs…and that’s just the beginning.

Even more gleefully he announces, “It’s a game changer. Commercialization of this technology is coming. In the future, the elderly will have a telepathic house!”

Just ask Grandma what she would like for Christmas and don’t be shocked when she screams, “Telepathic house!” “If only I could have a house that could read my mind!”

Michio continues, “The brain has brain waves that we normally emit, but they are very faint. So these electrodes pick up these brain waves and computers massage the data, recognize patterns…it can translate these things into mechanical motion.”

Think of all the elderly who want to live in a telepathic house,” says Michio again.

The Fox News host really gets into at 3:00, “You’re transferring your thoughts to another robot to do something for you!” he says. I think he just admitted he was a robot. No surprise there.

Now that we have been softened up by all the ‘this is all for the elderly and disabled’ talk, here comes the juicy stuff.

Michio reveals that, “Kids are the other market. Video games will be controlled by the mind.”

Michio has no qualms about this technology being under corporate and government control. He has no issue with the militarization and rampant violence in video games.

Michio just seems to love the technology, and pines for the day when these ‘faint’ brain waves can be made loud enough for the machines to pick up. Sounds good to me. What could go wrong? When we look around us at all the machines, I think one of the first things we say is, “If only these machines could read our minds! That would be awesome!”

I know some people are like, “What is up with all these machines, man! There’s too many and it’s too noisy! Ugh!”

But shouldn’t we be listening to the visionary who is saying, “I know the problem with machines, they just are not reading our minds! We need to be focusing more on merging with them!”

People who’s overwhelming thoughts when coming upon a machine is along the lines of “Let me get with that!” These are the visionaries of today’s world.

Oh, I know, they might say, “You must be watching too many ‘Terminator’ movies. “The Terminator” is just a movie. Just because Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of our wealthiest and most populous state, and if a constitutional loophole is overturned could be the leader of the free world,  does not mean that he is a cyborg. He may look, act and talk like a cyborg, but you would be paranoid to think that he actually was of course.”

Yeah, they are probably right. I mean, just because Mel Gibson always puts himself into the role of a crazy and delusional crackpot who is the only one who is aware of a giant conspiracy by certain groups of people does not mean that…ok so that’s a bad example. Let’s move on.

Mr Kaku wants to put your grandparents in a telepathic house, really bad, but I don’t think he has thought this through.

Let me put on my electrode thinking cap for this one.

Maybe grandparents are not thinking about a future that will see their children having a clean and healthy environment in which to live, but are actually pining away for their “telepathic house”.

I am sure the elderly will just love their “telepathic homes”. What could go wrong? Wake up in the morning, put on the electrode hat and have a ball!

Grandma walks into the kitchen and thinks, “I want toast. No, wait, I want to make french toast.  Do I have a griddle around here somewhere? Oh wait, that’s for waffles?”

And the appliances respond accordingly. Sounds like fun to me.

Or what if you are having an argument and your wife is by the garbage disposal? Ooops!

I like the idea of a mind controlled lawnmower for Grandpa. “Is that the dog that keeps pooping on my lawn? Damn that thing! If I ever get a hold of….”. Oops!

Anyway, like every new gadget it will of course lead to a better world. I mean T.V. and cell phones have made the world a much better place.

The kids love the video games as Mr Kaku informs us, “The video game market is bigger than Hollywood!”

Before video games, kids had to play outside and get dirty. And that means germs, which we all know leads to horrible death and dismemberment.

We don’t want grandma to be telling the kids about some ‘old timey’ stuff that would just upset them. You know that ridiculous revelry of, “I remember when this whole place was a beautiful forest with a clean river,” or, “I remember when people would come over and we would all play music and laugh and dance.”

Whatever, grandma!

If she gets tired of her ‘telepathic house’  just tell her to shut up and play “Dance Dance Revolution’. Let’s see her get to level 5!

Will Michio Kaku be pushing the next generation of these brain-helmets in 10 years? Will he be going on Fox and saying, “The brain-implants are a game changer! No more helmet, it is all here right in this tiny transistor that is inserted through a little syringe into the cerebral cortex. Think how much grandma wants a head and hands free telepathic house! And the kids love it too!”

Hey I know, if you have nothing to hide then you wont mind me searching through your bags…..or through your mind.

Michio Kaku seems to be a great guy. He supposedly has great ethics, but I have to say I am worried about this one.

As a futurist he is supposed to just predict the possibilities or likelihoods of trends and events. He is not an ethicist. But to get on Fox News and do a sales job for this technology seems a little weird. I know that Fox! made sure they got the name drop in…”Mattel”…at the end.

Michio Kaku must really love the elderly. Or does he just love telepathy? Will we ever know? According to him we will. Maybe he actually hates the elderly and children. Maybe this “mind reading” technology will backfire on him and we will find out that he is a bad guy.

I am also getting older and starting to resent the fact that things are getting more complicated, but not necessarily better.

I can’t wait for the first fully automated Nursing Home controlled by the minds of the elderly residents. Now that sounds awesome!

2012 the movie! The disaster film to end all disaster films!

by Jason Dylan

I am happy that this is my first post.  I have done enough research on 2012 to know pretty much what we are dealing with, at least from a reality perspective.  I suspect all the kooks are going to come out of the closet for this one. It plays into everyone’s hands.  Rapturists. New agers. Astronomers who smoke too much  weed.

This is a win win for the doomsayers. There are some real observable astronomical occurrences and a connection to an ancient Mayan calendar. Ooooohhh! Mayans! Pyramids!

Overheard at a stoner convention, “yeah, it is well known that the Egyptians built pyramids.. but did you know the Mayans and Aztecs did too? I mean, there was no way that they could have communicated with each other. This is pre-continental drift man!”

Overheard in a 5th grade geometry class. “Pyramids were the only way that a people working with stone could erect such a tall and massive structure.”

So people will throw around actual scientific terms like ‘galactic center’ or ‘photon belt’ and meld them with astrological terms and scare the bejewels out of people.

And you expect Hollywood not to jump on the bandwagon? So still reeling from throwing away that brilliant Y2K script, the uber-disaster director of such gems as ‘Independence Day’… “damn you aliens!”… to ‘Day After Tomorrow’….’Damn you mother nature!’… comes this latest earth shattering (literally) and aircraft carrier surfing on a giant tsunami into the White House extravaganza just in time for the holiday season.

This masterpiece of global catastrophe will hit theaters with a big bang.  in November 2009. Nothing says Thanksgiving like watching the world being destroyed!  Am I the only one who finds it ironic that CGI has  become indiscernible from reality now that reality is about to end? Not fair!

So of all people who do you get to carry along this holiday narrative? It must be  Nicholas Cage right? Pyramids. Maps. Maybe some psychic stuff. Nope. You would think maybe Tom Cruise would jump on board this thing just to take away some of the negative attention that Scientology gets.  Sorry ladies and gay aliens!  Instead you get,  in what seems to be a masterful bit of  ironic hipster  casting   none other than John Cusack and a few other  gems like Woody Harrelson and Amanda Peet along for the ride.

Either I am missing something  or we have the first Hollywood natural disaster comedy. I suppose ‘Independence Day’ was amusing but ‘Day After Tomorrow’ was pretty stark and bleak. Not much comedy in it.  But in ‘2012’ the movie, you even get a black president which is one of the biggest running jokes in hipster comedy circles. “Every time the world ends we have a black president! What’s up with that? That is wack! ”

This trend started way before Obama was in the limelight. Think Morgan Freeman in that asteroid movie and that cross-eyed body builder guy from “Fifth Element”. And at least they did not get that actor who is Obama’s  twin, but Danny Glover is definitely black.  Although it is probably just a natural progression that in the future the US president will not necessarily be a white man, there are other races and even genders to choose from I believe. Have some guts and cast a female Samoan midget for Pete’s sake.

I guess some people will go see this movie to alleviate the fears they have revolving around the 2012 scenario, which is  just around the corner. Yikes!  And I guess there are a limited amount of stories to do an end of the world movie  around but I hope ‘2012 the movie’ accomplishes two things. I hope it is the end of artless disaster movies for awhile and I  hope it shows how absurd it is to think the planet will start to fall apart  on a certain date. The Earth’s warranty does not expire until  2020. And you know what happens after that. We should have got that extended warranty! Damn you  George Washington!

We are  going through a crazy time made even crazier by almost unlimited access to all kinds of information both good and bad. Yes, there is a special planetary alignment. Cool. Yes the Mayans were great astronomers and mathematicians but does  this mean that it is the end of the world? Probably not.

If you just use common sense and follow the logic of the doomsayers then we would already start experiencing much higher degrees of natural disasters. Yes there was a tsunami, but that was five years ago. 2012 is three years away. Of course global warming is serious but mother nature is not going to just wipe us out because  a Mayan calendar has  to start over. Besides the solstice sun was at the midpoint of the ‘galactic equator’ back in 1998. We are already way past the midpoint of this precession and the 2012 solstice is when this Mayan calendar long count ends.

I am sure once 2012 comes and goes without a dramatic increase in natural disasters Tom Cruise will be compelled to reveal himself as Xenu, the evil overlord of the universe after “MIV” bombs at the box office. Then the real armageddon will finally begin.  We all saw what happened to Oprah.