Tarzan vs IBM

My Thesis.

J’accuse the modern Oligarchy and it’s Monopoly Cartels of purposely hiding the banality of evil of their new Technocratic Empire behind the facade of a falsely constructed paradigm based on the great lie of ‘Social Darwinism.’

Social Darwinism is an illegitimate offshoot, grafted onto Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’ by the architects and leaders of the Social Sciences. Distorting the original findings of Darwin, these ‘sciences’ were allowed to develop and grow alongside our modern industrial culture, and are at the basis of our ‘modernity.’

The Oligarchy found that they could help steer Darwins Theory of Natural Selection into new concepts to further their ambitions, which has always been one of Empire. Empire is the device by which a small group can maintain control over the masses with the least amount of struggle. The idea of ‘Empire’ is a part of our historical landscape and is now hidden behind the facade of a bright and shiny ‘info-tainment’ complex. Most of our large modern wars are based on the idea of Empire,  the struggle for and against it, while the media cheer for one side or the other.

Social Darwinism‘ is the base on which most of our modern social and psychological theories are rested on, and the unraveling of these lies that have that propped up our modern society could have serious consequences for our major institutions that now hold power.

From Freud to Madison Avenue to Cable TV, this construct has evolved alongside a Corporatized Media and an Educational System which compartmentalizes and distorts the natural learning processes in order to create a more efficient and productive ‘work force’…at the expense of a just and free society. Conformity and expediency demolish all other values in the monopolized marketplace, too many of our best human qualities are subjugated to this modern technocratic empire.

The Corporate Media are engaged in a sophisticated dis-information campaign that manipulates our fears, and tries to divide and incite the masses, especially with socially divisive issues such as abortion, gay marriage, religion, race, sex and class. Our modern media landscape is not something that was arrived at organically, it was created and implemented with the sole purpose of ‘massaging the masses’ into obedience and false contentment and/or fear.

While Liberal/Conservative ideology and Republican/Democratic platforms once had meaning, now everything acquiesces to the corporate bottom line. Establishment Media and it’s never ending supply of Corporate/Elite dominated Think Tanks, Political Ideologues and Sheltered Academics, are devoted to perpetuating these lies, sometimes unaware of the distortion at the base of their philosophies.

Socio-political leaders as vast as Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D Roosevelt, Dwight Eiesenhower and Martin Luther King, have all warned of the dangers of allowing our Democratic Republic to be dominated by Oligarchs and Banking Cartels. This is not a new conspiracy to be taken lightly, it is at the heart of our struggle as a free people and society.

The voices and visions of generations of creative geniuses, and millions of ‘ordinary’ citizens who were willing to “lay upon the gears” and fight for Peace and Justice lead the way. They cry to us from the great beyond, and we must muster and resound a collective NO to the furtherance of this great lie in which Empire has again ascended and now threatens to take complete control of our modern infrastructure and way of life.

What this new Oligopoly now fears, is the masses new ability to peel back the many layers of our modern false paradigms, and to begin to understand the false assumptions they have been force fed by an unending stream of dis-information campaigns by the ‘powers that be.’

Like Lemmy Caution in Godard’s “Alphaville,” The Dude walks through this futuristic hall of mirrors which is the uber-ridiculous modern socio-political landscape, knowing all we need to do is believe in love and poetry again to escape it’s trompé de la soul.

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